Service Warranty Options

Getting it done right. The first time.

At Superior Automotive Services, we stand behind the work we perform on your vehicle. Because of that, we provide a full 12 month or 12,000 mile warranty on our repair work. Compare this to other shops or dealerships that only offer a few months warranty.


Why do we provide this kind of warranty?

Superior Automotive Service has ASE Certified or ASE Master Technicians.
We use only the best quality parts and fluids for the repairs and maintenance. Theses parts meet or exceeds your car manufacturer’s original components.
We perform due diligence when performing diagnostic work. We diagnose the problem first, then we replace the defective part with a great amount of confidence.
We have the same or better equipment than most dealerships. Although a significant investment on our part, it helps us confidently diagnose and complete repairs and maintenance items on your vehicle.

What is the difference between  Maintenance and Repair?

Both terms can be confusing. Superior Automotive Service can help explain the difference to keep your vehicle in perfect running order.


Includes the services that are required to ensure your car’s longevity. Maintenance can usually be considered a repeating item. For example, this would include oil changes, tire rotation and balancing, brake pads replacement, and more. Superior Automotive Service can help you with your vehicles  maintenance schedules. We can also provide recommendations and inform you what needs to be done and when. You can find this recommended maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual.


Repairs are services that are needed when a something is not working correctly. Either the item has malfunctioned or it has become worn to the point where the item needs to be replaced in order to maintain the performance of your vehicle.

Superior Automotive Service provides a wide range of automotive services, ranging from scheduled maintenance, repairs, oil change to major component replacement parts. We specialize in service and repair for Mercedes Benz along with other foreign and domestic automobiles.

Superior Automotive Service recommends both maintenance and necessary repairs. It will keep your car running smoother for longer. Plus, by doing routine maintenance you will maintain the validity of your factory warranty and extended auto warranty if applicable.

Whether you need scheduled maintenance, or general auto repair work, Call us at 541-779-2806. We are a short distance from the Rogue Valley Mall.